Creating images

Images explained - Short stories about making decisions

Creating images is what it is all about. You have a vision, an idea, and you execute it. Sometimes you set out to create a specific image, sometimes you stumble upon something and apply your own vision to it.

This page contains a collection of posts about the road to the image. To make a photograph the way you want it there are several decisions to be made. This is an insight into several scenarios and what I do to make the image work for me. These are some of the topics I talk about when being on tour.

If you need help to elevate your images I will help you. If you are more experienced I can still help you with breaking the imaginary cultural boundaries and get close to the locals. After that you can also include people in your compositions, without the fear of being too close. You may have to leave your comfort zone. And you may thank me for that 🙂

When you look at the gallery, for each image I made choices. The compositions are the way I wanted them to be.

If you are curious, stop reading and go straight to to make your booking.

You may have gotten here via the main website Photo Voyager. No worries, it is all good. Photo Voyager is the official company name and Hoi An Photo Walks is a trade name I use for tours in Hoi An. This was actually the original name of my tours, until 2018.


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