Images explained - Little stories about making decisions


Hanoi 2009 on the shores of Hoan Kiem lake. In this photo a few necessities come together. The two guys had potential, but what to do with the rest of the image? I considered getting closer with my 50mm lens and then I decided to include the traffic and create some kind of movement. So, a slower shutter speed. The problem was that I did not have a tripod with me and the two subjects could potentially move. Despite the suicide mission I chose a quarter of a second. Such a speed is normally a disaster, but in order to get what I wanted I had no choice. And I got more than I could anticipate. The boy makes an unexpected movement, yet he is still frozen in time. Sometimes you need a little bit of luck.

Photography is not just a matter of aiming your camera and pressing the button. For collecting memories this is perfectly alright. But if you want to decide what exactly ends up in your photo and how, you have to spend some more time and make decisions.

What is it what you want? Are there any distractions or irrelevant parts you definitely don’t want in your image? Do you want to be creative by changing your aperture or shutter speed? Or even move the camera (or just the lens) while pressing the shutter, to add a certain effect? What is the best moment to press the button?

This is a series of images where I explain what it is what I wanted and how I executed my plans.

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