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From 12-17 years

Under 12

USD 50 or VND 1,250,000

US$ 30 or VND 750,000


Max People

Smartphone walk

Hoi An Photo Walks started Vietnam’s first smartphone walk in 2016.

A smartphone has a camera and therefore many aspects of photography are the same. What is on your screen and when do you push the button. Yes, you have less control and the image quality is inferior compared to the “real” cameras, but for many purposes it is good enough or even excellent. Other advantages:

  • It is always in your pocket, it weighs almost nothing.
  • Instead of thinking about settings and which lens to use, you only need to worry about the image. Huge advantage.
  • Smartphones are much handier for close-up photos.
  • The big screen makes it a lot more easy to see what you are doing and your subjects will enjoy looking at the images together with you.
  • Smartphones are everywhere, so when you use it nobody will stare at your camera gear.

It is much easier to blend in with the Vietnamese culture and shoot the images that really matter. And local life is what you will get and you will be surprised how far we can stretch this. And of course I give you guidance on how to get away with the best photos.

On this smartphone walk you will receive a password, which gives you access to the “clients” section of Photo Voyager, the main business website. There you will find many articles on things I talk about on tour, especially the technical issues. These articles make sure you will never forget what you learnt! There are also lots of tips regarding books, post processing software, (free) courses and apps for your phone. Another place you may want to check out is Creating Images. It gives an insight on how to create images.


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Please contact me via or via WhatsApp (+84 988705755)

I have no more booking system, as the main website is offline. On April 5 this website will close too.

Hoi An Photo Walks is a trade name of Photo Voyager, especially for photography tours in Hoi An.

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