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USD 50 or VND 1,250,000

per hour

Max People



A private workshop has a minimum of 2 hours, but 3 are recommended. For more advanced techniques or longer experiences we can extend it to 4 hours or even longer.

More than any other photography training, this one is totally geared towards you. You have all my attention for yourself and step by step I will teach you how to get the best out of your camera and how to take better photos, whatever your needs are.

Private workshops can be held at any time of the day. First I will find out what your needs are and based on that we will either go through the necessary functions you need to control your camera or we will hit the road.

Along the way we stop at various photo locations for photo discussions, picture reviews and in the field tips, techniques and advice. This could be RAW vs JPG, white balance, composition, light, seeing photographically, how to approach strangers and take their portraits, advice on which camera to buy, anything goes. Some of the topics may be found here.

Pros are welcome too. We skip all the tech talk and go straight to the action. I have taken pros to locations where they normally would never end up. If you have any special requirements or wishes, just shoot. Private workshops are not limited to just Hoi An, we can go anywhere. For one person we can move around by motorbike or car. A car costs a little bit extra, all depending on how long and how far we go.

On any walk you will receive a password, which gives you access to the “clients” section of Photo Voyager, the main business website. There you will find many articles on things I talk about on tour, especially the technical issues. These articles make sure you will never forget what you learnt! There are also lots of tips regarding books, post processing software, (free) courses and apps for your phone. Another place you may want to check out is Creating Images. It gives an insight on how to create images.


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Please contact me via or via WhatsApp (+84 988705755)

I have no more booking system, as the main website is offline. On April 5 this website will close too.

Hoi An Photo Walks is a trade name of Photo Voyager, especially for photography tours in Hoi An.

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