From 07:00 – 10:00


From 12-17 years

Under 12

USD 50 or VND 1,250,000

US$ 30 or VND 750,000


Max People

Morning in the alleys

Morning In The Alleys is ideal for street photography and portraits. See a different side of Hoi An, away from the crowds and all the shops.

This tour is for any camera, even a smartphone. The general idea is to show you local life and interesting places and along the way I help you with choosing the right settings and composition. There are lots of photogenic people and you would be surprised how easy it is to take their photos. If you don't feel confident getting close to strangers and take a photo, I promise I will completely cure you!

Whatever help you need, everything will be explained in an easy to understand way. You will see that the tour is very relaxing, no matter what your level is. Examples would be creativity, taking control of the light (and achieve results which would not be possible in the auto mode), what to put into a photo and what not, possible distractions, foregrounds, backgrounds, timing, contrast, colours, storytelling (with one singe image or with a set of images), the possibilities are endless. The morning in the alleys will be a memorable experience!

Join and change your photography life forever!

On any walk you will receive a password, which gives you access to the “clients” section of Photo Voyager, the main business website. There you will find many articles on things I talk about on tour, especially the technical issues. These articles make sure you will never forget what you learnt! There are also lots of tips regarding books, post processing software, (free) courses and apps for your phone. Another place you may want to check out is Creating Images. It gives an insight on how to create images.


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Please contact me via or via WhatsApp (+84 988705755)

I have no more booking system, as the main website is offline. On April 5 this website will close too.

Hoi An Photo Walks is a trade name of Photo Voyager, especially for photography tours in Hoi An.

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