Images explained - Little stories about making decisions


Closely related to looking and including something else in the composition is juxtaposition. Juxtaposition happens when there are two or more elements in a scene that contrast with each other, or there could be one element that contributes towards the other. Combined they can create a new theme. Those elements could be anything and to see them you have to keep looking, keep thinking. Is there something that you can connect? Avoid the obvious, dig deeper.

Juxtaposition usually happens when you recognize it. It takes you by surprise. It is all about observation.

The woman on the bench is on its own not terribly interesting, but because of the background this changes completely. I noticed the advertisement behind her and in my mind I made connection of a badly odored drifter and deodorant. And a juxtaposition was born. I already had a shot and then the cleaner entered the scene, amplifying the need for cleansing. The contrasts that I chose to capture were not realistic at all. But we can easily relate to them. The woman was just having a rest.

Another example. I went close to shoot this very tight. I did not want any other elements in the image.

Photography is not just a matter of aiming your camera and pressing the button. For collecting memories this is perfectly alright. But if you want to decide what exactly ends up in your photo and how, you have to spend some more time and make decisions.

What is it what you want? Are there any distractions or irrelevant parts you definitely don’t want in your image? Do you want to be creative by changing your aperture or shutter speed? Or even move the camera (or just the lens) while pressing the shutter, to add a certain effect? What is the best moment to press the button?

This is a series of images where I explain what it is what I wanted and how I executed my plans.

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