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Hoi An Photo Walks was founded in 2013 by me, photographer Pieter Janssen. Teaching photography was already on my mind in 2008 when I lived in Hanoi. This idea never got past the stage of writing content and somehow it faded away until I moved to Hoi An and started sharing my knowledge on photo tours.

In December 2018 I decided it was time for a change. I did not want to be restricted by Hoi An, so I spent some time thinking about a new name. One that I could use anywhere in the solar system. It became Photo Voyager.

As the name Hoi An Photo Walks is more known than Photo Voyager it was necessary to keep both websites. You can book on either of them, but Photo Voyager has some extras and this is the name I use on all platforms.



Going on a photo walk means going on a journey. On my tours you will gain a deeper understanding of both photography and the place where you are. By combining both you will capture much better memories of not just this trip, but many trips to come, no matter what your level is or what kind of camera you bring.

My vision is to ignite your passion, to open your photographic eye and to give you the confidence you need to take the photos you want. And that includes portraits!

I do this technically by showing when to use which settings, visually by making you aware of the importance of light and how to get the best possible results, and culturally through interaction with locals.

Everything is explained in a very easy to understand way and for those who still struggle with the extensive camera menus there is a Clients section on the Photo Voyager website. There are many posts on all essential camera settings.


I am Pieter Janssen, originally from Amsterdam – The Netherlands, now living in Vietnam since 2005. Although I am a photographer, these days I mostly do photo tours in and around Hoi An. I find the teaching part of photography much more interesting than the ice-cold business world. If you don’t see me taking photos I may be running somewhere, training for the next marathon.

Hope to see you soon!

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